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MSC Vector MX Steering Damper Kit Sherco VEC0007

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The MSC Moto VectorMX steering damper is lightweight and super thin with a super low-profile design that only raises handlebars by 10mm. Perfect for MX, enduro and desert racing. The VectorMX features 20 clicks of adjustment and Active Return to Centre (RTC) as well as all the standard MSC MOTO quality features like hardened steel long-lasting linkages and anodized billet construction. Each part is CNC machined in Australia by the same guys who design, develop, and manufacture the parts. Every part is hand-assembled and checked in-house at the MSC Products Factory before getting shipped out.
  • Complete kits with everything required to install.
  • Easy to install for most kits
  • 20 position main adjuster
  • Easy to adjust with adventure gloves
  • Active RTC (Return to Center)
  • Full bolt on mounts (no welding)
  • Bar riser included with most models
  • CNC machined from ultra high quality materials
  • Low friction main shaft seal (less wear, no leaks)
  • 1 year warranty
  • CNC Machined Solid billet aircraft grade aluminum body housings
  • Stainless steel, high quality fasteners
  • Durable black anodizing for better surface wear
  • Special compound longer lasting seals
  • Billet single piece tool steel vane NOT 2 parts pinned together
  • Billet case hardened steel linkages
  • Hand built in Australia by the guys who designed developed and manufacture the parts
  • Supplied with stainless steel fasteners as they are strong look great and won't corrode in harsh conditions.

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