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Moose Racing Handguard Moto Kit KTM/Sherco

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  • "Designed for open-ended moto roost deflectors
  • Mounts on clutch perch and brake levers, replacing mounting caps
  • Saves valuable space on handlebars for controls like kill switches, e-start buttons, hole shot buttons, map switches, light switches and more
  • Composite deflector arm has a pocket milled into it, allowing the composite arm to have a controlled flex
  • Composite arm paired with aluminum mount makes this the strongest open ended deflector on the market
  • For use with Countour 2 Roost Deflectors"


2019-2020 Sherco 250 SE Factory
2019-2020 Sherco 250 SEF Factory
2019-2020 Sherco 300 SEF Factory
2019-2020 Sherco 450 SEF Factory
2019 Sherco 125 SE Factory
2019 Sherco 300 SE Factory
2019 Sherco 500 SEF Factory
2019 Sherco 250 SC
2019 Sherco 450 SCF
2019 Sherco 500 SCF